Most of us only think about ourt health  when we start to lose it. When we start to lose our energy, the sparkle in our eyes, the radiance in our skin. We may put on weight, feel bloated, have altered sleep patterns and bowel function.  Our human relations be strained, we may not feel sociable, we may lose our patience with others.

Due to my own experience with Mercury Intoxication I have guided hundreds of people over the years on their journey to detoxifaction. Many people think that DETOX is done by drinking green juices etc and because of this they forget about the necessity of actually removing toxins from their body.  Protocols are given to educate people aboiut what toxins are, how to avoid them, how to remove them from their bodies. Various methods are focused, from sweating with execrise, the use infra red suanas, coffee enemas, trampoline to stimulate the lymphatic system, colonic irrigation,  pharmaceutical chelation techniques including DMPS and EDTA or natuiral chelation tecniques through supplementation and diet, including chlorella, l-glutathionine, alpha lipoic acid.


Live Blood Analysis is also offered to study the actual toxic state of each of the participants at the course and make the best individual recommendations (depending on size of group)


Detox retreat in Bali - MOVING FROM THE 3rd to the 5th Dimension with Chinese groups. Highlighting the importance of the state of one’s health if they are to eveolve spiritually.

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