We Lose the Shine! 

I am here to accompany you on your journey to  embodying the SHINE PROTOCOLS. It is only when we have our full health can we expect to SHINE. Living is not about simply existing and getting through each day. It is about SHINING. Most of us are born SHINING with health exploding from our bodies. However, as we are not instructed on the principals of true health, we have no parameter of health, until we lose it.  And for most, there begins the journey to recover from their illness or ailment and recuperate  and mainatin their health.  Some people will learn and implement the rules they aquired in this process to maintain their health throught their lives. Most will sadly just wait for the next time their body shows them symtpoms again to think of their health.


We need to be influenced and accompnaied on this journey by HUMAN PERFORMANCE Experts, not SICKNESS ( allopathhic) experts. We need continual coaching just as any team needs the asssitence of it’s coach if it wishes to win the grand final. No coach instructs a team at the start of the season of what needs to be done and then disspears.  Human’s need to be accompanied, not treated, if they wish to accomplish all of the beautiful facets that a shining life can offer,


I’m Jason Gilbert. I am a HUMAN PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZER. I use a dynamic range of modalities to optimize human performance on all levels, physical, nutritional, and spiritual/emotional. I have empowered thousands of people like you, to shine again, in the same way that I had to empower myself to shine again after losing my shine. Severe gastro intestinal and neurological compromise caused by mercury intoxication was one of the challenges that I had to surpass. The other was severe, debilitating sciatic pain that lead to back surgery. In spite of these two events being the most unpleasant, depressing moments in my life, they were also a blessing as they enabled me to learn valuable health protocols from experts all around the world. I utilize those principals to keep my life shining brighter every day and to help others regain, maintain and optimize their health.


My passion is guiding people like you on their journey, independantly of what level of health they possess. I have  accompanied the athletes of the WORLD SURFING LEAGUE for fifteen years. I have lectured at universities and cooperations,authored books  conducted retreats and presented TV programs. I have been totally dedicated to educating people from all around the world about the principals of true health and helping them shine again.

My vision is that all people, armed with the knowledge how to maintain true health, can live the most fulfilled, productive and enjoyable lives possible and of course, avoid the suffering that we as humans, have accustomed ourselves to accept as bad luck or faulty genes.



© 2018 Jason Gilbert

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