Who is Jason Gilbert? 

















CHIROPRACTOR - Graduated in 2004  Owner of 10 Clinics in Peru and Brazil;

• OFFICIAL CHIROPRACTOR Of The World Surfing League: 

• AUTHOR of the book titled
“The Secret of the Healthy Spine”.

- 2nd edition in Portuguese “O Segredo da Coluna Saudável"

- 1st edition in Spanish “El Segredo de una Coluna Sana"

Presently being translated in to English. Expected completion by October 2016

- 3 years on Fox Life Brazil, 2010-2014

- Name “Saúde Emocional”  ( Translation; “Emotional Health”)


The focus of the program was to interview medical doctors about common, misunderstood themes relating to human health. As well as presenting the program  I also presented my own block  regarding spinal health, focusing on our day to day activities, like sitting, wearing high heels, using mobile phones etc, and how they affect our spines.


- Bachelor of Science
Sydney University; 

- Master of Chiropractic – Macquarie University;

- Certificate of Acupuncture –  Open University Sri Lanka;

- Specialist in Electro –Acupuncture;

- Live Blood Analyst –
London Live Blood Academy;

- Author “O Segredo da Coluna Saudável” (The Secret of the Healthy Spine) in Portuguese and Spanish. English copy due 2018;

- Motivational Speaker;

- TV Presenter FOX Life Brazil;

- Sports Chiropractor World Surfing League (WSL);

- Health Coach;

- Certificate of Advanced Nutrition, Lair Ribeiro, Brazil;

- Detoxification Specialist

© 2018 Jason Gilbert

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